Full Fur Rabbit Ushanka (Brown)

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This rabbit fur Ushanka has it all - comfort, warmth and durability with convenient design features you'll love.

Designed for the cold, Russian winters, the Ushanka is a versatile and fashionable hat. We took the classic Ushanka style and crafted a high quality hat with durable, full pelt rabbit fur to completely cover the top and ear flaps. Inside you'll find a quilted nylon lining with natural static resistance for those cold, dry air conditions. The chin strap allows you to keep the hat cinched tightly or can be tied at the peak to raise the ear flaps up. Either way, this is a hat guaranteed to please and keep you warm.

  • Genuine rabbit fur exterior
  • Quilted nylon lining for superior static resistance and warmth
  • Authentic Russian trooper Ushanka styling
  • Ear flaps can be tied up over the top, cinched under your chin or tied back behind your head for a sleek look while maintaining warmth


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