Our Story

Northern Hats was founded in 2007 and has been delivering the highest quality hats ever since. We're a small, family run business operated by me (Dave). The warehouse is occassionally guarded by our vicious attack dog Buddy, an 8 lb heap o' attitude from the local SPCA. Throw him a Beggin Strip and he'll let you rob the joint...

We believe that hats should be of the highest quality without being the highest price. My Mom always said you can buy one $75 iron or ten $20 ones and we live by that principle, that it's better to buy merchandise that lasts for years and years rather than goods that will be ruined by a light sneeze.

We source hats from all over the world and buy from family run businesses whenever possible. In fact, two of our suppliers in Istanbul are competing businesses run by (friendly) rival brothers. While we wouldn't want to sit around that Thanksgiving table, we do like the lower prices it allows us to offer our customers.

If you ever have any questions, please call my direct line at 415-457-5369.

Thank you for supporting our small business.

Dave Smith, Owner